Winners of Entrepreneur of Year 2010 Awards in Ukraine



The national stage of the top international awards «Entrepreneur of the Year» initiated by Ernst & Young company came to its final. The Chairman of ViDi Group Vitaliy Dzurynsky joined the winners of this prestigious rating.

The national stage of the international awards «Entrepreneur of the Year» culminated with the award ceremony held on February 5, 2011 in Kyiv. This prestigious rating has already been held by Ernst & Young company in 50 countries of the world for 24 years. «Entrepreneur of the Year» (Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Awards®) is the only international awards in the sphere of business all around the globe. The Chairman of ViDi Group Vitaliy Dzurynsky joined 13 winners and was the only entrepreneur representing automotive and logistic business at the awards.

«The fact that a representative of the automotive business came through to the final of this exacting and nonpartisan awards is already a great victory, as the automotive sphere tremendously suffered from financial and economic crisis, and numerous companies have stepped far back. I regard my participation in the final not as my personal achievement but as the evidence proving that it is possible to reach success even amid the crisis, if you follow well-thought strategy considering economical reality together with a good team of like-minded people» — Vitaliy Dzurynsky, the Chairman of ViDi Group, remarked.

Competent jury headed by Anatoliy Kinakh estimated several aspects: business spirit, innovativeness, financial results of the company’s performance (time course of its growth), field influence, corporate social responsibility of the candidates. Sergiy Grygorovych, General Manager of «GSC Game World», was declared as the winner of «Entrepreneur of the 2010 Year» awards in Ukraine.


«It is great that a representative of young generation became the winner of this award. Young and talented businessmen are the future of our country. With all my sincerity, I congratulate Sergiy Grygorovych with his well-earned victory and admire his enthusiasm», — Vitaliy Dzurynsky said.


It is worth stressing that ViDi Group always joys in young employees’ success, welcomes their initiatives and creates conditions for their development. The fact that the average age of the company’s employees totals 26.5 years is a speaking proof for support given to young generation. Management of ViDi Group reckons that enthusiasm and innovativeness of young employees, experience of older generation and well-arranged work of the team were exactly those factors, which enabled the company to increase its share in the automotive market of Ukraine up to 1.25% even amid the crisis. ViDi Group is one of few companies, which kept on making investment into the automotive and logistic business. In 2010 the company opened several new dealerships joining the Automotive City «ViDi AutoCity»: automobile dealership-boutique Infiniti «ViDi Liberty», authorized Mazda dealership «ViDi Sky Motors», authorized Ford dealership «ViDi Krai Motors», and upgraded Nissan dealership «ViDi Sunrise Motors». Joint venture BLG ViDi Logistics is now completing phase I construction of the modern logistic terminal in Kalynivka.

The company started 2011 with opening of the authorized CITRO¨N dealership «ViDi Elegance». With all its huge potential allowing to implement the most trailblazing and promising projects, ViDi Group looks into the future firmly standing on its feet.

ViDi Group is a group of companies founded in 1994 by Vitaliy Dzhurynsky and applying the principles of common mission, management and quality standards, customer-oriented approach, innovativeness, balance of customer’s, company’s and itsemployees’ interests, social and ecological responsibility. ViDi Group performance focuses on the following business activities:

— automotive business;

— automotive logistics;

— financial services and insurance;

— project management and construction.

ViDi Group incorporates companies being leaders in their spheres. These are modern automobile dealerships in Kyiv and Odessa cities: Toyota Centre Kyiv «ViDi Autostarada», Lexus Kyiv West, ViDi Sunrise Motors, ViDi Liberty, ViDi Sky Motors, ViDi Krai Motors, ViDi Elegance, Toyota Centre Odesa «ViDi Palmira», ViDi Dream Motors, and used cars trade centre «ViDi AutoMarket», logistic operator BLG ViDi Logistics, insurance company ViDi Insurance and other companies.

ViDi Group aims at foundation of business in the high developing branches of economy, reaching the leading positions, creation of competitive products and increasing the level of customers’ satisfaction, enhancing its own value, as well as society and employees wellbeing.